November 18, 2020 News


Top 5 Ways to beat the Rona Blues with Hot & Cool!

Written by: South Central Youth of the Social Enterprise MARTY- Making A Reality That’s Yours.

Date: NOV 20-2020

From self-care to community engagement, Hot and Cool has what you need to beat the “Rona Blues.” Hot & Cool Cafe is located at 4331 Degnan Blvd, in the heart of Leimert Park. Hot & Cool Cafe is the wake-up call you need in your life especially with being stuck in your house all day! This South LA gem provides great service and supports all types of people and opinions. They are completely open to everyone, just don’t forget to WEAR THAT MASK and you can have an amazing experience and relaxing time! They are a Black-owned business, provide excellent music, and are vegan. For our vegan eaters, we know how hard it is to find vegan options off Crenshaw Blvd. Hot and Cool Cafe puts its best foot forward for every customer!

So let’s get to it! Here are the Top 5 ways to beat the “Rona Blues” with Hot & Cool!

1.Delicious Vegan Food.

With the rise of veganism, the need for delicious, quick, and healthy meals has risen. Now more than ever, it is important to focus on our health and building our immune system to fight off any germs in our body. COVID-19 has led us to make many adjustments in our daily lives but we tend to overlook the importance of feeding our body healthy and nutritious food. Luckily the Hot and Cool Cafe is just that, featuring a great selection of healthy yet tasty meals from classic soul foods like mac and cheese, wings, sliders, burritos, nachos, and many other amazing dishes. They also carry staple health foods such as quinoa, greens, lentil soup, and not to mention the popular Angeleno classic: Avocado toast. You are sure to find something to enjoy. Veganism is a lifelong journey, why not let The Hot and Cool Cafe help you along the ride.

2.Buy a plant. Bring life into your space.

New to the plant life? Looking for a little inspiration. . . It’s not just about the greens at Hot and Cool Cafe. It’s a way of life, just like the photosynthesis process between the Sun and plant giving way to clean air as a way to sustain life; Hot and Cool Café has been that same conduit for healthy food, healing, and good ole’ prana for its patrons in South LA. As you thumb through the top-rated 5 stars Google reviews, one thing is for sure: The energy this coffee shop bolsters into its community and the locals are just the prescription for the Rona Blues. Safely pop into Hot and Cool Cafe and take home a plant or two, or simply witness the vibrant plant magic this coffee house has seeded into its customers by way of transforming plants into delicious foods, unique flavors of coffee, and more!

3.Have a cup of tea. Have a cup of coffee.

Tea is not merely meant for the British. Herbal Tea has long been the antidote of our African and Indigenous ancestors. Tea can open up your kidney’s bloodstream making blood flow better in your body. Our tea can help boost your body’s natural functions and help your veins open up allowing more blood to important areas in your body like your brain which could help you think faster. Coffee with small doses of caffeine can make you feel refreshed and focused. Hot and Cool Cafe can help you feel refreshed and healthier, from our coffee to our tea. Things like this shouldn’t be missed, so come on down and try a hot or cool cup of something delicious to drink!

4.Buy Black Art. Listen to live music.

As you may know, Hot and Cool Cafe is a vibrant cultural hub and an integral part of the Pan African art scene in LA. Weekly events leave numerous things to do, including live art viewings, spoken word, stand-up comedy, hip-hop ciphers, and different local singers and musicians that play at their live shows in “The Alley,” adjacent to the cafe. These offerings make Hot and Cool a great place to relax, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and support a Black business.

*Please be advised that our live outdoor events will resume when the “Safer at Home” order is lifted.


We all know how small the Black-owned business percentage is and how much it has increased in such a small amount of time. Black-owned businesses have increased by 34.5% in 5 years according to! Isn’t that incredible? It’s amazing and such a great opportunity and advantage for the Black community to start being recognized for their hard work and finally getting into the hierarchy of society. It is extremely known for bigger companies to oppress the little guy so this is why people should start paying attention and supporting these Black-owned small businesses. We should all give the little guy a hand!

In summary, Hot & Cool Cafe has what you need to beat the Rona Blues! Feed your belly with delicious vegan options and body rejuvenating coffee or tea. Feed your soul with paintings for sale from local artists and live music from South LA. Fight the ill effects of gentrification by supporting existing Black businesses in Leimert Park and South LA.

Hot and Cool Cafe follows all COVID safety rules and regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Delivery and take-out can be ordered here.

Hot & Cool Cafe hired Youth Creative Agency & Social Enterprise MARTY for web development and digital marketing. MARTY youth trained in Life Cycle Marketing from ages 12-15 contributed to the SEO planning, writing, posting, and email distribution of this blog article. MARTY thanks Hot & Cool Cafe for their continued support. Additional shout-outs and thank-yous go to VSEDC, The Annenberg Foundation, MISLA, Best Buy Teen Tech Center, and Hawke Media’s Fly Forward Academy for financial support, resources, and scholarships to provide professional development and career training to the youth of South Central & South LA!