Katherine Harris

7 Tips for an Amazing Audition

Auditions can be a rather nerve wrecking process. However, confidence is key, and knowledge is power. Auditions are interviews for actors. Auditions are the first step in determining if an actor will book a job or not. The more confident an actor feels in the audition process the better the performance the actor will give in the audition room. Proper preparation & planning prevents piss poor performance. Here are 7 essential tips for an amazing audition

“Do yourself a favor and arrive 20 minutes early to your audition.”

1. TRAINING – Whether an actor is at a beginning or an expert level, training the instrument is an essential part of an actors success. Athletes train everyday to present their best selves to their sport. Consider acting no different. Please find acting classes in your area, read books, watch tv, film, and digital content to familiarize yourself with content and where your “type” may fit.

2. SMILE – A beautiful smile is engaging, inviting, and attractive to the client or audience watching. In many cases, the client or director may not be in the room with the casting director during the audition. When the actors audition tape is reviewed the client for the project, the first visual the client will see of an actor is a warm, inviting smile. A warm smile reeks of positivity especially if it’s genuine.

3. BEING EARLY IS BEING ON TIME! – Leave early. Expect unexpected delays like traffic and give yourself an adequate window of time to arrive at your destination especially if it’s a physical audition and not a self-tape audition. Do yourselves a favor and arrive at least 20 minutes early to your audition. Here’s why. If you drive, you’ll need to allow yourself enough time to find parking. Arriving early provides the actor enough time to get to the casting or audition location and rehearse and refresh before signing in. Remember once an actor signs in on the audition sheet, casting thinks the actor is ready to be seen. Sign-in when you’re ready not scrambling. *SELF-TAPE AUDITIONS* - Turn in self-tape auditions within 24 hours of receiving the audition request. Thousands of actors are submitting to each job and frankly casting rarely looks at all of the submissions. The earlier an actor submits their self-tape the better chance one has to actually be seen.

4. UNDERSTANDING – It’s important to understand what’s going to happen when the actor goes in the audition room. The actor will be called to the audition room. For most commercial & theatrical auditions, the actor will slate first or provide an introduction saying their name and any additional information requested by casting depending on the project. This may include saying the role name an actor is auditioning for or other information pertaining to the project. After the actor slates, the actor will go right into the performance. Once finished unless casting asks the actor to repeat their performance with minor adjustments or possibly because a second take is needed, the actors performance is done. Thank them for seeing your performance and exit.

5. DRESS FOR SUCCESS – Please be well-groomed and camera ready. Camera ready means the actors actual face is ready to be recorded on camera. Make sure to read the wardrobe notes for the character you’re auditioning for which will be on the audition breakdown request. The audition “breakdown” is a detailed project request which contains all the pertinent details for the audition. The breakdown will have the character name, audition location, and the wardrobe notes. Wearing bright & bold colors will help make the actor memorable to casting. If you look good you feel good! It’s half the battle!

6. BE PREPARED – Be as familiar with the material as possible. Being confident in the performance an actor is giving starts with being extremely familiar with the content. Meditating is an awesome way to mentally prepare oneself. It’s a calming and clarifying practice that really establishes focus.

7. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS & BE KIND – Please be kind to everyone! The actors audition starts the moment they leave their homes. Make sure to learn the casting directors names and follow up with clients you’ve booked with gratitude. Have a positive attitude at all times! With these 7 essential tips, an actor is already on the way to booking!